Preparing for the Revolution

While Danny’s line is very charming, I really think that the most important moment in that episode is when Mindy is by herself and looks at her body in the mirror and is pleased with what she sees. Mindy’s win isn’t validation from Danny, but reaching a place where she feels happy with the body she has.
- Mindy Kaling (x)



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m dead

This is hilarious!

This is the most important piece of media of the year.


george is done with everyone’s shit 



X-Men by drMierzwiak

Magneto was right!


X-Men by drMierzwiak

Magneto was right!



oh my god this is beautiful

The artist has a few other really lovely comics! I’ve added a source so you can see them.




After 19 years, Bill Watterson, the reclusive creator of Calvin and Hobbes returns to cartooning as a secret guest artist in Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine (read the whole story on Stephan’s blog).

Bill Watterson is fascinating.

This is delightful.

Regarding the conversation about hostility towards women in comics -- It appears to me that things are changing for the better, no? In the past few years, more and more amazingly talented female creators have been coming in to the industry (Sara Pichelli, Gail Simone, Becky Cloonan, Kelly Sue, G Willow, Ming Doyle…), changing the status quo of comics and thus the opinions of fans. Sure, theres some resistance from the dummies, but aren't things VASTLY improving??



I get a lot of crap for being Mr. positive from people who are having a hard time seeing the cup half-full but I completely agree with you.

 I think things are vastly better than they were and that only makes the shitheads stand out even more.  things are not perfect, all of society’s problems are not solved, but I do think the good guys are winning.

 the only thing that is really bothering me about all of this is that there are some people who are letting the idiots get the best of them and are turning away from the medium that I love so much and has so much to offer all of us.

 I hope they reconsider.

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KSD got a spotlight panel all to herself at WonderCon this year! Josie Campbell, staff writer at Comicbookresources reported on what went on.

  • KSD says that she pronounces “Carol Corps” as “Carol Core” not corpse, since, ”A Carol Corpse would be a bad thing!”
  • She…